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Lebanon RV Center - About Us


My wife and I have been camping since we were children.  Meleia camped all around the Sequia and Redwood Forests and down through the Nevada deserts.  I camped through out Indiana, Georgia and Florida.  For the last 20 years we've enjoyed the Tennessee way of life and the wonderful campgrounds throughout Tennessee.



No one is perfect, if we make a mistake, we will immedianly own up to it and make it right!


Meleia and I fashioned this business after an old gas station that I grew up around.  The old guy who owned the gas station used to say "I don't care where you bought it or who made it.  Your are my customer, so we will fix it".  I learned a lot about business and how to treat my fellow person from this old guy.


So if you need a part, something fixed, or just some good 'ol advise, swing on by.  We are here for you.


Thank you,

Greg and Meleia Nowling


PS Please don't bring your dog with you.  Happy (our dog) is very jealous.  He loves people and kids, but he will tear the door off your car to get to your dog. Thank you for your understanding.  Maybe he will calm down as he gets older.